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What is the European Registration of Toxicologists?

The European Register of Toxicologists is a service offered by EUROTOX and was established in 1994.

EUROTOX is the Federation of European Toxicologists and European Societies of Toxicology which organises and supports an International Congress each year. The French Toxicology Society (SFT) is a member of EUROTOX: we hosted the successful EUROTOX Congress in Paris 2011, and have applied to host EUROTOX 2023 in France.

The European Register of Toxicologists constitutes a list of high profile toxicologists that respond to criteria defined at a European level: high standards of education, skills, experience, and professional standing. The intention is to foster competence in practice and science and to provide the public with and authoritative source of information on toxicological competencies. Individuals who want to be registered and are found to comply with the requirements defined by EUROTOX and National Societies of Toxicology (in France, the French Toxicology Society, SFT), and are accepted, are qualified to use the title EUROPEAN REGISTERED TOXICOLOGIST, ERT, with their name.

As a toxicologist, why register on the ERT list?

The aim of the ERT list of to recognise the competence and experience of any person belonging to the Toxicologist profession. Once the registration is accepted, a Toxicologist may use the words "ERT: European Registered Toxicologist" in documents such as expert reports, resume / curriculum vitae, business cards, etc. The requirements for registration (detailed below) are: adequate doctoral level training as well as several years experience practicing Toxicology.

The SFT may have to confirm the registration of a Toxicologist on the ERT list to any organisation that asks for it (upon written request from the latter).

What elements are needed to register or re-register on the ERT list?

Registration is done in a two-step procedure. First, National Registration boards in Europe evaluate applications of candidates according to a consensual process described in the 2023 ERT Guidelines for Registration and admit successful applicants to the national register. Second, upon request, EUROTOX will certify these individuals as ERT.

ERT recognition is now open to non-European candidates. For more information please read page 8 of the new Guidelines.

1- For a first time application :

The applicant must:

  • hold a PhD degree (university PhD, state qualification as doctor in Pharmacy, Medicine, Veterinary, or Science) or an Engineering degree. Any valid degree obtained in France, the European Union, the United States or in Japan, in particular of PhD type, is accepted. In some cases, it is advisable to provide a certified translation of the supporting documents.
  • demonstrate a specialisation in Toxicology (diploma, certificate of internship or training follow-up, etc.), in a short resume/curriculum vitae accompanied by the list of his/her publications/books and a certificate of employment in one of the fields of Toxicology issued by his/her employer.
  • be able to demonstrate at least five years of professional activity in Toxicology and be active at the time of registration, or be looking for a job after gaining the necessary experience. It is compulsory, for first time ERT registrations, to provide two letters written by toxicologists (ERT*, DABT or equivalent experience) from different companies who can attest the applicant’s professional qualities and actual activity.
  • complete and send the ERT registration application form, along with the necessary supporting documents, to the French Toxicology Society (SFT) for consideration.
  • be a SFT or a Eurotox Member Society member.

* If the applicant is not a SFT member, please provide a letter stating that he or she is a member of another learned society.

The registration on the ERT list of Toxicologists entails a commitment to comply with the ethical principles and directives of the various national agencies, European Communities, and other international bodies. Any breach of this moral commitment may result in removal from the list after deliberation by the French Registration Committee, as soon as it is informed.

The registration is valid for a period of 5 years during which the registered toxicologist is expected to renew his or her SFT membership yearly. The validity of the registration may be extended for an additional period of 5 years upon the written request of the interested party (see renewal of registration below). The registration lapses if, at the end of the 5-year period, no request for renewal is sent to the committee.

2- For a renewal of ERT registration:

The applicant must:

  • indicate the new developments in his/her professional life since his/her previous application for registration/re-registration in an update of his/her resume/curriculum vitae and the list of publications, books and written reports during the registration period.
  • provide a certificate of employment in one of the fields of Toxicology issued by his/her employer or be looking for a job. For an ERT renewal, it is recommended (optional) to indicate 2 or 3 people ERT,* DABT ou equivalent experience who can attest the applicant’s professional qualities and present activity.
  • complete and submit the registration renewal application form with the necessary supporting documents to the French Toxicology Society (SFT) for consideration.
  • be up to date in the payment of the SFT or Eurotox Member Society annual fee, and this for the past five years.

* If the ERT is not a SFT member, please provide a letter stating that he or she is a member of another learned society.

The re-registration is valid for a period of 5 years. Its validity may be extended for an additional period of 5 years upon the written request of the interested party as described above. It lapses if, at the end of the five-year period, no request for a new renewal is sent to the committee within a reasonable time.

ERT registration / renewal fees

Any new application or renewal of registration is subject to payment. The exact fee is determined by the Board of the French Toxicology Society (SFT). It is currently:

  • 85 Euros for SFT members (that are up to date in the payment of their annual subscription).
  • 100 Euros for non-SFT, EUROTOX members.

The registration / re-registration fees must be paid at the time of the request, by cheque or SEPA payment, or via HelloAsso if the application is sent digitally. These fees are subject to change without notice by decision of the SFT Board. The registration / re-registration fees will not be refunded after the assessment of an application file, in case the registration onto the list is refused.

French ERT Registration Committee

The French Registration Committee on the ERT list of toxicologists is composed of members of the French Toxicology Society (SFT) Board, elected at the Annual General Meetings (see composition of the Board in the SFT Members section). The Registration Committee may accept or refuse the registration of a toxicologist on the ERT list or cancel a registration if inaccuracies are discovered retrospectively in an application that was already accepted.

The French Registration Committee:

  • evaluates the application / renewal requests received,
  • establishes the list of registered toxicologists and keeps it updated,
  • coordinates its activities with EUROTOX,
  • draws up an annual report that is presented at its Annual General Meeting,
  • gives, at the request of a person or a legal entity, any relevant information on the list of Toxicologists.

The application files received are examined during the SFT Board meetings. The applications review is announced on the Board agenda and relevant decisions are recorded in each meetings’ minutes. The applicant is informed of the Registration Committee’s decision (acceptance, refusal, or request for additional information) by e-mail. Favourable decisions are sent to EUROTOX, who issues an ERT registration certificate to the applicant.

In case of refusal of an application for ERT registration or cancellation of a registration, the applicant will have a 3 month period in which to appeal to the French Registration Committee (to be sent by recorded delivery), which will then ask a member of the EUROTOX Committee to partake in the final decision. This new evaluation will take place as soon as possible, and at the latest, in the 6 month period following the reception of the appeal notification. If the refusal or cancellation is confirmed at the end of the appeal process, the applicant may, after satisfying the registration conditions, re-apply in the following years. In case of refusal due to insufficient training or practice, the candidate will receive advice regarding what additional training he/she could undertake, and what steps to follow before submitting a new application for ERT registration. This additional training may take place in France, within the European Union, or abroad, in recognised organisations.

Any person applying to ERT registration hereby agrees to the conditions laid down by the French Registration Committee and by EUROTOX.

Applications for ERT registration / re-registration should be sent to the President of SFT.

In accordance with the French "Informatique et Liberté" law of January 6th, 1978, each ERT applicant has the right to access, modify and delete his/her personal data previously submitted to the French Toxicology Society (SFT). For this, please send the request, in writing, to the President of SFT.

La Société Française de Toxicologie

La Société Française de Toxicologie est une association loi 1901 dont le but est de réunir toutes les personnes physiques ou morales exerçant une activité dans les divers domaines de la Toxicologie, de faciliter et promouvoir les échanges de connaissances techniques et théoriques, de faire l'inventaire constant de nouvelles acquisitions dans ces domaines, de les diffuser et de provoquer de nouvelles recherches et de pouvoir contribuer activement à la formation professionnelle continue.